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Science Club

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Welcome to JCMS Science Club

Science Club
Science Club

The Science Club is an extra-curricular activity for students who express an interest in the sciences. As an after-school activity, students will have an opportunity to participate in more detailed laboratory experiments and science projects. By signing the below portion, you acknowledge the following requirements:


·         A lab fee of $10 will be requested from each student per semester of the 2016-17 school year.

·         Classroom behavior and the ability to commit to being at all or most of the meetings will also be taken into consideration for admission into the Science Club.

·         Communication with parents occurs quickest via e-mail, so please include your e-mail address below, along with a phone number.

·         Students are expected to be picked up promptly after the meetings at 5:00pm at the front of the school; failure to comply could result in removal from the Science Club.

·         Attendance will be taken at each meeting. If the student misses two meetings, students will no longer be a part of the club. With that being said, no refunds will be given.