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Jacksonville Commons Football 2015-16


 Feel free to email Coach Foust with questions or concerns about football.

Football papers have been put in the office. Summer workout schedule (on your own at home), Apparel flier. We look forward to next season.


At the meeting I did not pass out the flier for football apparel, but I am sending it home. I know its early but it gives the athletes time to work for some money to get some gear. I will also post the website address on here. Even though your son may not make the team, it won't hurt to have a JCMS Football T-shirt to represent our footall team when they come to games. The site is open now and will not close until August 19 at midnight. 2 weeks from then the gear will come in. So, nothing will come until September 1st or 2nd. 

Here is the web link for the apparel.


We look forward to a good season next year. Hope to see you all out there.

JCMS Coaches