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Dear Parent / Guardian,

Achieve3000 is a computer-based reading program that reaches every student at his or her own level. Your child will receive reading materials that are not too easy nor too difficult, but are at just the right level to help increase his/her literacy skills and to prepare for college and career.

Research has shown that students best develop their reading skills when they work with text that is matched to their independent reading level. With Achieve3000, all students in the class read the same lesson, but the difficulty is precisely matched to each individual student's reading level.

The purpose of the Achieve 3000 LevelSet test is to establish your child's reading level so Achieve3000 can provide the appropriate content. Note that this is only one measure of your child's reading level.
This score may be adjusted over the course of the school year as your child's reading abilities progress.

MetaMetrics, the makers of the Lexile Framework, prepared the chart below to describe typical Lexile levels by grade. To interpret the chart, find your child's grade level and refer to the right-hand column to find the
typical Lexile range for students in that grade. For example, most students in 7th grade typically are reading between a 925L and 1235L. Keep in mind that the reading abilities of young people in the same grade at school can vary just as much as their shoe sizes.

Grade Typical Lexile Level*      Grade Typical Lexile Level*
1 Up to 295L 7 925L to 1235L
2 170L to 545L 8 985L to 1295L
3 415L to 760L 9 1040L to 1350L
4 635L to 950L 10 1085L to 1400L
5 770L to 1080L 11 and 12 1130L to 1440L
6 855L to 1165L

*The lower number represents the 25th percentile and the higher number represents the 75th percentile for typical students at that grade level

For more information about Lexiles and how to interpret them, visit If you have any questions about these results or how they will be used, please contact your child's teacher or school.